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(Characters that have dropped are marked with an asterisk.)

Adeline Most of these are placeholders for now.
Anastasia Leonheart She's so cute!
Aya Shameimaru AYAYAYAYA
Azalea [Blurb]
Betelgeuse Mister Stripes! He's got lots of interesting things in his head twisting around with little shiny shells that shift and crack as they fall and more come marching out. It's a bit unusual but he's an unusual spirit so I guess it's okay!

I met him a long time ago and he liked my danmaku a lot. He has a school to teach danmaku and I like to help out. He wants to make it into a sport and I think that will be fun. A lot of people here would benefit from learning to dodge bullets. Also, it's great exercise and a lot of fun!
Bridget Frostheart [BLURB]
Chihiro Fujisaki* [BLURB]
David Haller Mister's mind is hot and white but not burning. It creeps out and up and is strong and flexible and clever and finds its way around and into a smooth sphere. Even though the sphere is smooth. It makes me focus but also melancholy. That's really rare for me to reflect.

I don't know Mister very well but I met him a few times. I know that he can fight really well and I know that he is Guardian of Genessia. That makes me happy. He would make a really good guardian I think.
Dracula A nice mister with a vast mind. It has lots of red in it and empty space and shot with trailing lines of obsidian. Like lines in marble. But also supportive ones. I'm not really sure what to make of it but he seemed to understand what it meant so it's okay!

I met him when he first arrived. He was a wolf at first and then changed back to normal. I learned vampires could be all sorts of shapes. He was really nice and really polite and is one of the few people who bowed. I like him and I hope to meet him again sometime.
Ejava Tepet A very strong miss with pretty red hair. Her mind is full of color, mostly greens and browns and a constant determined tempo of light and sound. It's like thrilling music only I can only hear it in her head.

I've only met her a few times but I think she's a really nice lady. She's a little cold like Miss White and doesn't know things sometimes, but I don't know things either so that's okay. We fought alongside each other a few times before and she's really strong and skilled in combat. Maybe sometime when she's not spinning and chilly I she'll want to play with me. I think that would be fun!
Ginko Yurishiro (Little Bear)* A cute little bear with a mind like pink quarts all frosted and shot through with lines of white and flecks of dark that shift and twist and accent everything. There are so many colored lights though and they all reflect off of everything and turn white.

I found Little Bear by the bay and she was very lonely so I took her home to Chireiden. She was scared at first but she was also really hungry so Sis made us both some fish when we got there. I also gave her a little kimono to wear to Miss Snow's party and she looked so cute in it. I was sad when she left later but that's okay. She could be a person too sometimes so that's good. If she was always a little bear then something big might come and get her and that would make me very sad. I wonder where she is now though... I should look...
Houka Inumuta* A nice mister with glasses. His mind is very clear and translucent and chilly with sharp corners and clear cut faces. And here and there are spikes all suspended in shades of blue and in snow. But not fresh snow. Shiny snow. It's muffled and pretty. It makes me feel focused.

He's really smart and Miss White trusts him a lot. I think he's supposed to help Miss White learn things because he's always very watchful and always trying to figure things out. Talking to him is a lot of fun and he's really curious about both Sis and I. I think Sis likes him too and she doesn't like many humans. It's probably because of the way he thinks. It doesn't give her headaches like most people do.

I haven't seen him in a long time though...
Ira Gamagori (Mister Big) [BLURB]
Kefka Palazzo* I didn't meet him but I was told that the tank that was in the tower with the people sealed in crystal was his. And it shot at me and hit me into a wall and broke my arm and all of my ribs. I really don't think a good person would have a tank like that. He's not around anymore which is probably for the best.
Laharl [BLURB]
Lucy Heartfilia A nice miss with a beautiful clear mind with crackling color and streaked with frost and paint. She makes me really happy when I'm near her and I reflect so many good things when I'm around her. We fought together and she gave me some delicious things to eat. She vanished for awhile and I was so sad... But she's back now!

It turns out she doesn't like me though. She doesn't like my power even though I can't read minds. I'll just disappear. That way we can't see each other then she wont be upset...

Who... is this person again...? I can't remember...
Luke Triton (Little Human) Little Human's mind has changed a lot since I met him. He's got so many little layers that peel back and crinkle and make me smile and happy. They flutter down as far as they can and roll along picking up sugar and scattering it about. I reflect so much excitement from him I can hardly contain myself!

I remember his name most of the time too. Luke. I don't remember a lot of names. He was scared of me at first but Miss White was encouraging and I visited a lot and now we're really really good friends. I'm glad he's not scared of me anymore. He likes solving puzzles a lot and it was his birthday recently but I didn't have a puzzle for him to solve so I took him exploring instead. The best puzzles are ones that don't present themselves as puzzles, right?
Maka Albarn* [BLURB]
Mamizou Futasuiwa (Miss Raccoon) [BLURB]
Marde Guille* A mister with a clouded mind. It clicks and shifts in absolutes but the absolutes are fuzzy and obscure and blurred gradually to each side. There is color with clears and streaks that ebb and flow strangely. And uniquely steadfast despite the twisting

A nice mister with nice hair. He's not very fond of humans which I can't understand. Most creatures hate humans for a reason but he simply hates them for what they are. He isn't grumpy though and was actually really nice to me. He killed someone and let me have the corpse because I was hungry. I don't go out of my way to eat people like some youkai but it's a shame to see good meat go to waste. I invited him to have some fun but he didn't want to. Maybe some other time.

I haven't seen him in a really long time though...
Mewtwo [BLURB]
Nonon Jakuzure Miss Music is scrunchy and she really likes pretty music. Her mind always taps and flows like water up and down hills and twists and bends rippling across the way. All of it is sound and bright and warm but also harsh enough to shake bones and make teeth chatter. It's unusual to see so much intensity from such a tiny tiny human. But humans have been surprising me a lot lately so I guess its okay. It makes me feel tense, but also empowered.

Miss Music is one of Miss White's very important people and she is very loud and her voice screeches when she gets worked up and makes my ears hurt. But her loyalty is some of the most steadfast I've ever seen. She's no pushover in a fight either. I can see why she fights with Miss White. She's good at flying and is good at shooting. I fought with her when we saved the people from the crystals. I had a hard time keeping up with her flying but I think I impressed her because she stopped yelling at me so much after that... but she still yells at me. Especially when she comes over and I'm already in Miss White's apartment.
Petra Ral A wonderful miss with a warm smile and a warm mind. Flower-burst filled with yellows and whites tinged with blue smiling with crinkled faces and cheering. Stretching wide and all around, unflinching and unbending and keeping the breeze gentle no matter what. It makes me reflect warmth and safety and calm and I really like it.

I haven't spent much time with Miss yet but she's really great to be around. There aren't many humans I've met like her. She's very genuine and open and strong. She was very kind and trusting right away even though I'm a satori youkai and she gives really wonderful hugs. I hope I get to spend more time with her soon. That would make me very happy.
Pidonus Marasia [BLURB]
Remilia Scarlet [BLURB]
Ryuko Matoi The younger sister of Miss White. Her mind is unique, criss-crossing red all around. It flutters in layers and pulls tight and flexes and makes liquid sparks rain down and shatter like glass. It makes less sense to me than others but the ending picture is familiar and strong.

I haven't met Miss much which is sad because I know Miss White so well. I saw her once when she was moving through the city. She's stronger than most humans, even Miss White except when Miss White uses Buggy. Probably because of all the threads in her head. Even if I can't read her as well as other humans I learned some about her when my eye was restored awhile back because Miss White was thinking about her. Meeting her was completely different though and she was all yellow-crackle with twists before Mister Big picked us up in the car. I bet she was just confused and scared though because I saw her really strong and determined in Miss White's mind. I hope that Miss White has her over soon so I can get a chance to know her better.
Sakuya Izayoi (Note: I also play Sakuya so all interactions Koishi have had with her have been off screen
Satori Komeiji [BLURB]
Satsuki Kiryuin Miss White is very cuddly!
Sertoria A psychic miss with a really unique mind. It's water, bubbling and crackling gradually and tinged a warm gold, light and gentle with the most gentle of breezes. Whites and soft scents are everywhere held in glass and in blackness pinpricked with light. The gold seeps out and around and through the black. It reminds me of flying just under the clouds and looking down and seeing how lovely everything is. It's peaceful and vast and breathtaking.

I met this Miss a few times and she's been so wonderful and sweet every time. Normally psychics have a hard time around me but she didn't seem to mind that I'm empty. That made me very happy. I'm not sure what exactly she is but it must be something really grand. She's so genuine about everything! Even at Miss Snow's party we got to talk some and we even got to dance together. She's so much fun and I can't wait to talk to her again. I bet she would get along with Sis too, even if Sis is grumpyface most of the time.
Theodore Satchel (Mister Spades) A strange Mister with a strange mind. But not in a bad way. Its tall and bends and twists in the wind built up all around and rippling outwards. The colors are muted and translucent, a clear tone causing things to shake and tremble whenever a color sharpens and then grows more dim whenever it fades. It's always in motion, never stopping and its jagged and sharp and chaotic but still seems to fit together nicely. Like puzzle pieces made of thought.

I think he's a really good person, even if he's a little ignorant or inconsiderate sometimes. I met him a long time ago at this thing called Christmas. I was a secret santa and gave him some shoes and he started thinking of me as a fairy. He was nice and visited me at the hospital and I trust him a lot. He even saw a very harsh memory of mine when the lights filled the water when the bay moved and he didn't hate me.

We went to the bigger vampire Mister's castle too. Mister Spades wanted to get a potion but I just wanted to keep him safe. Also, I got a whole bucket of pudding! Mister Spades is not very good at fighting but he is clever. He also saw my teeth and claws and didn't get mad at me. He stopped calling me a fairy though and calls me "The Moon" now. I dunno what he means by that but I'll try to be a better moon than a fairy companion. Youkai make lousy fairies anyway.

He was elected guardian a little while ago and I'm nervous for him because his mind is buzzing in circles faster and faster round and round and I think he might do something foolish. I tried to talk him out of it but my mind burnt out. He led me home and talked to sis for awhile. I wonder how that went...?
Thrall A strange green mister with a focused mind. It is hard like stone but also fluid and stretches and twists. It reaches out to all sides with all sorts of different colors. Even rare ones that can't be seen with the normal eye. It's a harsh mind though, and makes me feel ambitious but also a little nervous. At the same time though he was able to see me very easily and that is something rare.

Mister is very green and I can appreciate that. He's also very tall which makes me feel very small but he's not as tall as Mister Big. He is clearly a warrior but he also talks about spirits like he knows them, and quite possibly he does. And not the normal elemental spirits magicians use I don't think. I get the feeling these are much different because he acknowledged me as a youkai and unconsciously reached out to me with his power. I wonder if he could use it if I let him? We haven't talked much but I think Sis would like him if he was okay with being around her.
Utsuho Reiuji Sis's pet, Okuu! Her mind is simple but also really fun. Ever since she swallowed Yatagarasu her mind has been focused in a way I've never seen before. color seeps from outward in at the top and bottom and wraps around a ball before glowing and scattering and seeping back out again. Cyclical. All around it is ridged in metal that focuses and blinks. But sometimes things change when the color breaks and bubbles and the outside clicks and turns in the middle into a diamond shape. It's very exciting to watch!

I was really happy when Okuu showed up but I wish she hadn't destroyed the bay. It's fixed now, but it's such a bad first impression. I was also worried that other people might get mad at Okuu and make her mad or want to show off but that didn't happen either so everything is okay now. Now that she's back we can heat all of Old Hell again and the Oni are really happy and it's much warmer than it was. We also don't have to worry about running out of power anymore. I'm worried though that without the danmaku rules she'll get bored. I'm already getting bored sometimes without them. But I don't have the power of nuclear fusion so if I get bored I might just pout some. Genessia is more advanced than Gensokyo by a lot. Maybe she could do something to help everyone and it would keep her from getting bored? I hope so.
Vyers/Midboss [BLURB]
Weiss Schnee Miss Snow is wonderful with clear crystals in her head. They fracture cleanly and distort the things you see through them... but only a little bit. And they break up light too and add a subtle splash of color to everything.

I met Miss Snow a long long time ago during one of the parties but she got really tense and short with me. I don't think she likes me much. But I like her. I saw her again at another party and my head was on straight so I tried talking to her again and it wasn't so bad this time. I think we can be friends sometime but I think she's shy maybe? I don't know. I don't understand the emotions I feel from her most of the time.
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