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This is a little thing explaining Koishi's powers and personality for those unfamiliar with the character and will include both the main unchanged canon of the character, and then the tweaks I made and gaps I filled.

Koishi Komeiji is a satori youkai from Touhou and appears as the EX Boss of the 11th game. While normal satori youkai have the ability to read minds and hypnotize those around them, Koishi sealed away her third eye changing the properties of her powers. They now revolve around manipulating the subconscious mind and emotions of those around her and primarily uses it to lurk about unnoticed and pick up shiny objects and food. She can also read the intention of those around her and knows when being lied to provided the person knows they are telling a lie. When her powers are pushed she is capable of lashing out with them and causing severe mental trauma to her target. Like all touhous, however, she prefers danmaku battling over a more serious fight. Due to the nature of her powers they become less and less effective the less complex a brain she targets is, outright not working on things like simple machines, security cameras, and the like

The closing of her third eye brought her own unconscious desires and impulses to the surface, suppressing her conscious mind, causing her to become extremely carefree, absent minded, and unable to lie. She's slow to anger and quick to cool, though she does tend to unintentionally agitate those around her with her lack of personal boundaries and constant curiosity. She is generally very friendly and well-meaning but she has a very bad habit of ending up in places she shouldn't with no memory of getting there and overstaying her welcome. Easily excitable she will generally leap into situations she finds interesting and attempt to make herself known. Though this often makes her come off as extremely childish, but her lucid and stable moments show a kind and calm nature.

Physically she lacks the strength and durability of most other youkai species, though she is able to manipulate 8 tendril like appendages with great strength and speed should her mental powers fail and can use them to throw or push people away or support her own weight (or reach that thing on the top shelf she wants).

Like all touhou, she can fly and, like many others, is capable of a very simple innate magic used create numerous nonlethal projectiles to create dazzlingly beautiful area of denial effects. Though the shots themselves cannot kill on their own, they do have enough force to scorch and bruise. Koishi's bullets reflect her power and can cause a sense of uneasiness when observed, their movement patterns created by observing the opponent's subconscious mind and reacting accordingly. The bullets themselves are generally modeled after hearts or roses.

When not off and adventuring in some other place she lives in the Palace of the Earth Spirits in an abandoned section of hell with her sister and her sister's pets. While there she helps out with basic chores when possible or just feeds and entertains the animals as she lacks the long term focus to help tend to the nuclear fusion reactors that provide the great underground with power.

Near-Pure Canon interpretation of her ability with a few reasonable assumptions: 
Koishi IS LITERALLY the walking embodiment of instinct and the subconscious mind and is, for all intents and purposes, an anti psychic. It is impossible to read or influence her mind because her mind is almost entirely blank. What little she has is buried under so many layers of psychic void that its pretty much non-existent. She remains invisible to all other senses by removing the brain's ability to perceive her from those around her. Essentially, people who see her forget her instantly. Again, this is powerful enough to affect lesser deities and even creatures with an alien mind. And these are her passive "I'm not trying to do anything on purpose" abilities. She actually has to work to overcome her own abilities and be noticed by other people, though especially observant people or people with acute forms of detecting magic or enhanced senses can pick her out far more easily. In addition, children or those with child-like minds can overcome her invisibility with far greater ease than adults and she sometimes becomes a child's "imaginary friend," though she is forgotten when they grow up. 

If she focuses on not being detected she can simply vanish from someone's perception AND MEMORY depending on how strong the person's memories of her are. She is also capable of projecting images in the mind's eye of a person causing hallucinations, manipulate the emotional state of people, and can straight up shatter someone's mind. Like lovecraft eldritch abomination your mind is now broken, roll a new character. She is literally a nightmare tentacle monster (though an adorable one.) 

Fanon tweaks to her powers: 
Koishi has a calming aura that she carries with her. While its not enough to fully change a person's emotional state it can take the edge off mild to moderate emotions as well as prevent people from getting too irritated with her. In order to try and balance her somewhat I've tweaked her "blank head" explanation somewhat for RP purposes. Though she's still missing a lot of brain activity, the feedback from the disconnect between her brain and third eye creates the psychic-eating field both in and around her. She appears completely mentally absent to very narrow target psychic abilities. It's as if she doesn't exist. To someone attempting to detect psychic ambiance she's just a blob of psychic nothingness. Even then its still hard to detect her unless she's in a particularly dense psychic field. 

I've not changed her active abilities. In order to limit how dangerous she is overall I'm very specific as to when she can use her abilities. The less "lucid" she is, the more invisible she is to the point where she is not detectable AT ALL. The more aware of herself and her surroundings she is the more her powers gain refinement and focus. She cannot maintain this self awareness and focus for very long (we're talking in minutes) however and causes a great amount of mental strain. 

Canon says nothing about how effective her powers are if she is viewed through something like a security camera. I choose to say that her powers only work when she's in direct contact with someone. She will appear in photographs and recordings. When recorded on camera, if the person looking at the screen or through the lens is near her and she wishes not to be seen, they will not see her (though, as before, she will show up on the recorded footage.) If she is viewed through a camrea from a significant distance then her powers lose all effectiveness.

Simple machines programmed to detect things like movement or body heat might be confused by her somewhat but they will not be fooled. More advanced machines such as well-developed AI her powers will affect far more. A fully sentient robot will be affected like any other human.

The only one who CAN actually psychically detect her is her sister due to working with Koishi in various ways for over a century. Such as being constantly exposed to and attempting to probe and understand Koishi's blankness as well as acting as a catalyst in Koishi's mental recovery. And even with all this it takes some effort on Koishi's part to allow her sister to do this. 

Fanon additions to Chireiden:
The Palace of the Earth Spirits (or Chireiden) was never elaborated upon. All that is known is that it is a very spectacular palace underground and is located "near" the Ancient City and Hell's Furnace. While the aesthetic details of the palace are roughly detailed on the setting page, there are a few significant details that have been carried over from my time playing Koishi elsewhere. The only things of significance is the fish pond out back which bubbles from a stone spike driven into a large rock and a nearby plum tree. They was placed there by Moriya Suwako partially because she was fond of Koishi and partially because she wanted to butter the underground up since they were still a bit angry over the events of touhou 11. The fruit from the tree is always sweet and ripe and does not rot quickly. The water is cold and pure and safe to drink while the pond itself was restructured later to act as a means of irrigation for the entire garden.
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