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CHARACTER NAME: Koishi Komeiji
WHAT IS TOUHOU?: Short Article
WHICH GAMES: Touhou 11: Subterranean Animism (EX boss), Touhou 13.5: Hopeless Masquerade (Playable/Boss), and Touhou 14.5: Urban Legend in Limbo (Playable/Boss)
AGE: 413 415 (Birthday is May 14th)
HEIGHT: 4'2”
SPECIES: Satori/Enlightened Youkai (voided)
PERSONALITY: Very friendly and curious.
POWERS: Reading and controlling the subconscious mind.
THEME SONGS: Last Remote and Hartmann's Youkai Girl and the Hopeless Masquerade and Urban Legend in Limbo versions
SIGNIFICANT OTHERS: Her sister Satori Komeiji
FUN FACT: Hartmann's Youkai Girl was written to sound almost identical backwards as it does forwards.

Hugging/Kissing/Touching: Feel free. Expect clinging in return. Potentially with tentacles.
Attempted Romance/flirting: Extremely unlikely. She's too out of touch with reality to notice any romance around her.
Fighting/Combat: Yes, provided its a friendly fight. She will almost never turn down the opportunity to danmaku duel someone if challenged. She is also okay with participating in a playful brawl. All other direct confrontations she will attempt to avoid. For an actual serious fight, see the warning below.
Killing: No... Perhaps... It would have to be well set-up. PM me.
Anything Offensive: Koishi is a very mentally broken character. There are times when the fringe horror and implications surrounding some of the subject matter can get fairly intense. Her upbeat attitude tends to take the edge off somewhat.
Reading Her Mind: Koishi is completely immune to most mental and psychic effects and will generally appear as an empty hole to those attempting to mentally probe her. Spending a significant amount of time with/around her may allow for some mental probing provided Koishi is in a clear, non-hidden state of mind. HOWEVER, any mental abilities that affect her physically (such as telekinesis) she has no special resistance to.

Species Powers: A good number of both Satori and Koishi's abilities are passive and cannot be truly turned off. They are built into the biology of satori youkai and are not magic. Koishi's specifically are very unusual and specific in their functionality and are extremely difficult to block or even hinder. If you wish to "block" their powers it is much easier to create an excess of psychic noise and overwhelm their abilities rather than find a way to prevent the reading in the first place. Do not expect them to appreciate it, however, as this causes severe headaches.

Help me out: Koishi's powers allow her to see through lies as well as read the core character of anyone she meets as well as reading intentions and emotions. I'm pretty good at “reading” on my own from a more meta standpoint, but I am limited by my knowledge of your character, the information you have on your profile, and by the information google gives me. PMing me a few sentences about how you play your character will greatly help as well as sprinkling in some extra emotional details or descriptions of facial expressions or if your character is lying about anything.

Keep in mind: Koishi may refer to herself as “voided” which is something I started doing some time ago to describe her broken mental state. If used here it simply refers to a satori youkai who has had their mind and eye disconnected or their eye damaged beyond use.

Warning: Koishi's mental abilities are absurdly potent and kind of innately OP (as most touhou's abilities are) due to the specificity of their target and the fact that most people don't have any sort of defense in this regard. They have been shown or implied to work on various mortal creatures, Shinto deities, divine creatures, demons, aliens, etc. Any character that manages to force her into a real fight is likely to get their mind shattered with few exceptions (minds of an acute eldritch nature, characters with very broad and powerful psychic abilities, deities of more absolute power, characters with very specific types of mental training.) I'm not too keen on doing a fight with this kind of character without pre-planning or if my opponent isn't at least familiar with where she is on the power scale. If you wish to actually fight her contact me via PM or plurk work something out before hand.

I shall leave you with an enormous playlist of various Koishi song remixes as well as a few short fanimations.


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